Surface Water Resource Guide For Drinking Water Source Protection

Waste to Wealth Programme

  • biofuels

This programme harnessed the utilisation of the Water Hyacinth for fuel, in order to help support the local economy.

Solution characteristics

Protect, manage and restore wildlife and ecosystems to increase biodiversity and ensure the production of ecosystem services
Sub themes
Protect wetlands in order to increase biodiversity and maintain ecosystem services
Stakeholder group
  • Academia & Research Organisations (A&R)
Pain reliever
  • Unlikely to reduce infestation, but provides economic and energy returns
Gain creator
  • Economic benefit from harvesting water hyacinth
Type of climate
Geographical scope
Social Innovation Dimension
  • Business Road Map
Societal challenges
  • Ecosystem Management
Solution Type
  • Product
Technological readiness level
  • TRL 2 technology concept formulated

Solution provider


Victor Langenberg

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