Great Lakes and Catchment Management Conference

The 1st GLACAM conference has been organised for the first time in Africa to discuss issues on water and land resources protection. The main goal of GLACAM is to provide a platform to water and land use researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to evaluate the inextricable link between water and environment resources as well as reflect on strategic options for achieving SDG 6. Water and environment stakeholders hope to utilize data and research findings to raise the profile of water and land resources and explore existing technologies, innovations for improved management of these resources.


The specific objectives of the conference are to:

  • Share the emerging and most promising catchment management science and technologies for water and land resources protection for climate change adaptation and improved livelihoods
  • Showcase the latest innovations, technologies and developments in the water and soil discipline for increased environmental protection and sustainability
  • Build partnerships among water resource users on the continent for joint water and land resources research and management
  •  Develop a long-term shared future strategy for conservation of water and land resources in the Great Lakes region of Africa


The overall theme for 1st Great Lakes and Catchment Management (GLACAM) is  Protecting water and land resources in Africa for climate change adaptation and improved livelihoods. The conference will focus on five themes  and will characterise panel discussions, key note paper presentations, oral presentations from the abstracts accepted:


  1. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
  2. Water-Energy-Food Nexus
  3. Pollution Control and Management
  4. Land Use, Technologies and Innovations on Soil, Crop, Animal, Forestry, Hydrology and Catchment Management

  5. Social, Institutional and Financial Approaches for Lake and Catchment Management


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