LoCS4Africa 2020

LoCS4Africa 2020

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  • Climate

The purpose of the Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress (LoCS4Africa) Congress is to strengthen the cooperation between local, regional and national governments with the practitioners, academia, and researchers around urban sustainability issues.  The congress provides space to exchange new visions and strategies for climate action in Africa.

The LoCS 2020 programme will be expertly curated to enable the important conversations necessary for real action. We will do this by creating neutral platforms where open and transparent conversations between groups that rarely engage can take place. Young entrepreneurs could brainstorm innovative ideas with national government ministers, and a private sector CEO could share a coffee with an African Mayor. We aim to create the fertile ground necessary for relationships to form and deepen; relationships that lead to a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities for unlocking local climate finance. Such relationships build rapport and trust between diverse stakeholders and are vital for new and cutting-edge solutions to be trailed and ultimately up-scaled. We will balance the need for urgent action, with the time needed for relationship building, by hosting conversations that matter.

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