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Webinar: 10 years celebration of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

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In light of the 10 year anniversary of the recognition of the human rights to water and sanitation by the UNGA, Human Right 2 Water’s Webinar takes the opportunity to interview panellists from CONAGUA, the Special Rapporteur on human rights to water and sanitation, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the NHRI in Kenya to share learnings and stories from countries around the world that are making strides in this challenging arena.

July 2020 marks 10 years since the human rights to water and sanitation (previously acknowledged as a single right) were recognised by the UN General Assembly. Since then, notable progress has been made. The human rights to water and sanitation are now recognised as two separate rights, and more than 50% of countries have included these crucial rights in their constitution. However, the majority are still struggling to create full access of safe and sustainable drinking water and sanitation, especially for marginalised groups.

Recognition in law and policy is a crucial step towards the national realisation of safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation to all. Countries such as Mexico, are taking the lead by integrating these rights further into national water plans and policies such that there is a real change in access. Kenya also has developed a framework for the Human Rights to water and sanitation and is looking for ways to monitor the data more efficiently.

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