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Webinar: Engaging the Private Sector in National Adaptation Plans: A toolkit to guide effective strategies

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The private sector plays an important role in the success of any National Adaptation Plan (NAP), so recognizing how to best engage local businesses and larger stakeholders in the NAP process should be prioritized. 


Ask yourself, which business should be engaged in your climate change adaptation planning processes: the smallholder farmer or the big banker? Or when should you engage them: in the formulation or implementation stage of the NAP process? 
In this interactive webinar, your decisions will guide the story! 

Our policy advisors will take participants through an exercise that requires your input at five important junctures of a case study. The majority votes made by participants will impact the direction of the story, as you collectively play the role of a government worker responsible for the NAP process in the sunny and totally made-up island nation of St. Medardus. 

To help guide your decisions, this virtual event will mark the official launch of the Toolkit for Engaging the Private Sector in National Adaptation Plans (NAPs): Supplement to the UNFCCC Technical Guidelines for the NAP Process. The toolkit was designed to help governments develop strategies to effectively engage private sector actors in their country’s NAP process.  
Co-hosted by the NAP Global Network and the Adaptation Committee, this webinar will demonstrate the versatile nature of the toolkit, as well as its applicability. 

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