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Blog: What are AfriAlliance Roadshow events?

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AfriAlliance seeks to foster the uptake of innovative solutions in the areas of water innovation, research, policy and capacity development in order to enhance the preparedness of Africa for future Climate Change challenges.

One of the ways in which AfriAlliance tries to achieve this are the AfriAlliance Brokerage Roadshow events. These events are localised networking opportunities in various African countries and are especially set up to help SMEs find technology development opportunities: i.e. potential collaborators and market opportunities: i.e. customers for their solutions.

Innovators have the opportunity to meet potential customers, collaborators and investors to discuss Africa’s water and climate vulnerabilities and ways to solve them. They can interact and share ideas with like-minded African and European innovators and change agents who are driving a new era of change in Africa and Europe.

These events include demonstrations of various solutions from a wide range of organisations working in the water sector, from African and European countries.

Do you want to see an AfriAlliance Brokerage Roadshow event in action? Watch the video of the first AfriAlliance Roadshow event organised by partner 2iE in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.