CORDIS Results Pack

CORDIS Results Pack

  • Water Reuse
  • Ground Truth 2.0
  • ICT

Water is vital for life and the economy so as a society we must adapt water resource management to mitigate the effects of climate change, combat resource pollution and depletion, manage demands for water, address the water–energy nexus, and prevent degradation of ecosystems. This CORDIS Results Pack highlights 11 EU projects that will help dramatically improve the large-scale management, distribution, use and reuse of water.

The ICT4Water cluster is a hub for EU ICT research and innovation projects applied to the entire water life cycle and value chain. These transformations bring new challenges in the form of automation and digitalisation requirements similar to those in other industries and sectors. The ICT4Water cluster developed an action plan to address these challenges by boosting innovation through the digitilisation of the water sector. The initiative involves researchers, water utilities, local authorities and active citizens collaborating to develop and test new ideas. By applying low-cost sensors, Big Data analytics, applications for consumers and novel approaches to identifying leaks and reducing water loss, and improved forecasting of water demand, ICT4Water aims to alleviate water stress and help ensure clean and affordable water for all Europeans.

This CORDIS Results Pack showcases innovative solutions proposed by projects that are members of the ICT4Water cluster and funded by the EU through the Horizon 2020 programme. 

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