Pipes pumping polluted water into a river

Enforce policies to prevent water pollution

  • policy
  • Enforcement
  • Water Pollution

River basin organisations need to enforce policies to prevent water pollution and use environmental assessments to understand and mitigate impacts of agriculture, livestock and aquaculture to produce more food without affecting water resources and aquatic ecosystems

Need characteristics

Societal challenges
  • Food Security
Prevent, control and reduce water pollution
Sub themes
Development and implementation of policies to prevent water pollution
  • Agriculture and livestock production and management
  • Fish farms impacts on water quality
  • Poor enforcement
  • Availability of livelihood alternatives
  • Increase agriculture and livestock production and resilience to climate change
  • Reduce and manage environmental impacts from food production
Simplified climate and water scenarios
  • Dryer
  • Wetter
  • Wetter & Dryer