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On-line real-time water quality monitoring for bacterial contamination of water

  • Water quality
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ColiMinder® is a fully automated measurement system for detection of bacterial contamination in water created in Austria. ColiMinder CMI is able to detect ultra-sensitively faecal or total microbiological contamination in drinking water.The ColiMinder® Outdoor Measurement Station (OMS) can be used for surface water monitoring to provide additional measurement data for bacterial water contamination.

Solution characteristics

Supply sufficient drinking water of good quality to protect population health
Sub themes
Increase efficiency of drinking water supply
Stakeholder group
  • Water Utilities (WU)
Pain reliever
  • All other E coli detection methods require an overnight waiting period for the result, which means the historical water quality is measured
Gain creator
  • Major advantages are fast, reliable results within few minutes and a fully automated measurement routine
Type of climate
Geographical scope
Social Innovation Dimension
  • Technological Solution
Societal challenges
  • Water security
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  • Product

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Wolfgang Vogl

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