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  • IWA Water Reuse 2019

    IWA Water Reuse 2019 Banner
    • IWA
    • Conference
    • Water Reuse

    12th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse "Overcoming Water Stress by Water Reclamation and Reuse" Water stress, either caused by droughts, competing water uses or hydrological...

  • 17th “EUROPE-INBO” International Conference

    header INBO world general assembly
    • Basin management
    • Water quality
    • Transboundary cooperation

    Discussing the future of the European Water Directives and showcasing ambitions under the midnight sun! Finnish authorities invite Europe-INBO this year to hold the 17th “EUROPE-INBO” International...

  • EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2019

    EUSEW19 Banner
    • EUSEW 2019
    • Week
    • Sustainable Energy

    Shaping Europe's energy future Every year, the European Commission (Directorate-General for Energy and Executive Agency for SMEs) organises the EU SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK (EUSEW) – the biggest event...

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  • Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge

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    • Funding opportunities
    • innovation
    • humanitarian crises

    Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge seeks life-saving or life-improving innovations to help the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach people impacted by humanitarian crises caused...

  • Call for Papers: Special Issue on Water Innovation in Africa

    Water Innovation Banner
    • Call for Papers
    • Journal Articles
    • water innovation

    Journal of Environmental Science and Policy launches Call for Papers on Water Innovation in Africa How can water-related challenges in distinct African contexts be addressed by innovation and how can...

  • Blog: AfriAlliance MOOC – Calls for Action

    Dry Cracked Land banner
    • MOOC
    • water
    • Climate Change

    AfriAlliance had launched its first MOOC “Water and Climate Change in Africa” on 5 May 2019. Having attracted around 600 participants, the MOOC has been a great success so far!...

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The following people have already contributed their knowledge, solutions and experience to AfriAlliance

  • 2iE Seyram Sossou

    Seyram Sossou

    Scientific Knowledge Manager
  • UU Kees van Leeuwen

    Cornelis Johannes (Kees) van Leeuwen

    Principal Scientist and Professor of Water Management and Urban Development
    KWR Watercycle Research Institute and Utrecht University
  • CSIR Bettina Genthe

    Bettina Genthe

    Senior Researcher
  • WE&B Beatriz Medina

    Beatriz Medina

    Socio-Environmental Expert
  • AfriAlliance Action Groups

    Hands on a water pump with a jerry can

    As the vehicle for concrete demonstration, pilot projects, and information and knowledge sharing on selected thematic fields, AfriAlliance has launched Action Groups, bringing together African and European peers with relevant knowledge and expertise to work jointly towards implementable solutions.

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  • Social Innovation Factsheets

    Social Innovation Factsheets banner

    The AfriAlliance Social Innovation Factsheets (SIFS) highlight innovation opportunities that scientists, CSOs, managers and SMEs can act upon in order to foster short-term improvements in the preparedness of African stakeholders for water and climate change challenges.

    Read the SIFs
  • AfriAlliance Policy Briefs

    Girl drinking water from a tap

    Preparing Africa for the impacts of climate change on water resources: our Policy Briefs provide recommendations for decision makers on how to address key issues such as capacity development, funding local initiatives and data collection & use.

    Read the Policy Briefs