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AfriAlliance Roadshow Event at the 20th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposium

  • Roadshow event
  • Networking

Following a number of successful brokerage events, WaterNet, jointly with consortium partners will convene the Roadshow Brokerage Event No. 4 of European Commission funded AfriAlliance project under the Framework of Horizon 2020, during the 20th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWPSA Symposium. AfriAlliance is a 5-year project funded by the European Commission aiming to facilitate the collaboration of African and European stakeholders in the areas of water and climate innovation, research, policy and capacity development in order to enhance the preparedness of Africa for future climate change challenges.

Water is critical for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty and hunger. All parts of the world are affected by some form of water-related disasters, including scarcity and pollution, which are increasing due to climate change. This has significant consequences on national economies and livelihoods. It has been established that the biggest impacts of climate change will be suffered through water security. Improving our management of water today will prepare us to adapt tomorrow. Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), can play a crucial role in how the world can adapt to climate change and reduce its effects. This calls for practical, affordable and scalable solutions to enable communities and countries to build resilience. Thus, the focus theme of the event will be “Social Innovation and Integrated Water Resource Management in the face of climate change”.

The aim of this brokerage event is to:

  • Identify innovations to climate proofing Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Help SMEs find market opportunities and
  • Enhance localised networking across various countries

Innovators have the opportunity to meet potential customers, collaborators and investors to discuss Africa’s water and climate vulnerabilities and ways to solve them. They can interact and share ideas with like-minded African and European innovators and change agents who are driving a new era of change in Africa and Europe.

Those interested in attending the Brokerage Event, kindly register here. More information can be requested from

Please see here for more information about AfriAlliance Roadshow Borkerage Events.

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