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  • The Climate Crisis Policy Digest

    The Climate Crisis Policy Digest
    • policy
    • Climate have put together a first-of-its-kind comprehensive listing of 600+ climate policies from over 130 expert sources to stop greenhouse gas pollution and create a sustainably ...

  • Water Integrity Network Photo Competition Winners Announced

    Water Integrity Network Photo Competition Winners Announced
    • Sanitation
    • Urban
    • Photo competition

    The winners of the Water Integrity Network photo competition have been announced - congratulations to Mohammed Shajahan for this winning photo of a water vendor in Chittagong, Bangladesh! The top ...

  • SIWI Launches Water and Climate Campaign

    SIWI Launches Water and Climate Campaign
    • Climate
    • Climate Change

    The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) has launched a new campaign to increase the understanding of how the climate crisis is really a water crisis. It is only when we realize this that we ...

  • 2020 African Sanitation Championship

    2020 African Sanitation Championship
    • Sanitation
    • AfWA 2020

    Niyel launched the first edition of the African Sanitation Championship at the 20th AfWA Congress on February in Kampala, Uganda. Parliamentarians, Ministry Staff, National Utilities Officers ...

  • IWMI Launch #water4climate Campaign

    IWMI Launch #water4climate Campaign
    • Climate
    • Water Supply

    Following World Water Day, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) launched the campaign #water4climate. With the simple message that “Water is climate change”, this campaign will ...

  • A New Chapter in EU-Africa Partnership

    A new chapter in EU-Africa Partnership
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • Partnerships

    Following the conclusion of the 6th Summit between the African Union (AU) and the EU, a new comprehensive EU strategy with Africa has been announced to strengthen the ties between Africa and the ...

  • GWOPA and UN Habitat ask utilities to fight Covid

    Utilities Fight Covid
    • Utilities
    • COVID-19

    With the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe, water and sanitation professionals will play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the public over the coming months. Whether through awareness ...

  • African Water Digest

    rural water supply

    Global Gender Summit 2019: Experts enthuse parity in energy sector to combat climate change The 2019 Global Gender Summit commenced on Monday, November 25 in Rwanda's capital, Kigali with a strong ...

  • South African drought town's warning to the world

    • Climate Change
    • Drought
    • Africa
    • South Africa

    South Africa has imposed emergency measures and is declaring several regions disaster areas, in response to the worst drought in living memory. Some areas have gone without substantial rainfall for up ...

  • African Water Digest (July 2019)

    rural water supply

    The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI) is an Africa-wide initiative managed by the African Development Bank (AfDB). RWSSI supports rural water and sanitation projects and programmes ...

  • CAP BLEU - BMCE bank of Africa

    header INBO world general assembly
    • water resources
    • Financing

    Water issues are of paramount importance in all regions of the world. Optimizing this precious resource, be it access, quality management or the fight against losses, is no longer a choice but a ...