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  • The eLearning Africa 2019 Report

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    • E-Learning
    • Africa

    As African leaders seek to make a reality of the African Union's vision of a ‘transformed continent’ by 2063, setting their sights on the creation of the largest single market in the world and, as...

  • Webinar: Grant Writing for Agri Research

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    • Webinar
    • grant writing
    • Agricultural Research

    This webinar is being conducted by Ruth Sandland, Head of Research Grant Development at Rothamsted Research, UK. It is being organized and hosted by Vertiver on behalf of the TIGR2ESS programme. The...

  • AfriAlliance MOOC

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    • MOOC
    • Water
    • Climate Change

    Do you want to deepen your knowledge regarding the implications of climate change for water resources and uses in Africa?...

    IHE Emanuele Fantini
    Emanuele Fantini
    Senior Lecturer/Researcher
    IHE Delft